Godly Play resoures


If your organisation is starting or considering Goly Play as a Sunday School programme, here are a number of information sources that we have found to be helpful on our journey of implementing Godly Play.

Godly Play lessons


Here is a wonderfully summarized explanation of what happens in a Godly Play lesson, with an introductory video from The Church of Our Savior in Mill Valley, California.

  • Click to download Teachers' orientation for Godly Play

  • At Trinity Each Godly Play teacher will receive a digital copy of the lesson material.  Tobi in the church office can email or print additional copies - just ask.

  • Excellent book: Teaching Godly Play is available as paperback or Kindle edition.


Supporting information on lesson planning is available from GodlyPlay.org.

YouTube has several videos of individual presentations and entire lessons.

Images of ready-to-buy lesson materials can be found on godlyplayresources.org and worshipwoodworks.com.  Home made materials also can be googled or found on pinterest.

Sources of materials


Godly Play approved suppliers of ready materials:

* All of these ship worldwide.

godlyplayresources.com - Located in Kansas, USA

godlyplaymaterials.com - Located in Finland

godlyplay-materialien.de - Located in Germany


Other quality suppliers of prepared materials:

Worship Woodworks - Located in Kansas, USA

St Michaels Cottage Crafts - Located in the UK

Making your own:


*This list is  US - based:


For trays and containers, restraurant suppliers and Montessori equipment suppliers are good places to look; e.g.


Ideas for setting up your Godly Play room and making your own materials:


Godly Play comunity


Godly Play organistions by country: (Let us know of any others!)

As the central repository of all Godly Play information, the web site of the Godly Play Foundation sould be the starting point:


USA            - www.godlyplayfoundation.org

Canada     - www.godlyplay.ca

Germany  - www.godlyplay.de

Finland     - www.godlyplay.fi

Spain        - www.godlyplayspain.blogspot.com

Australia  - www.godlyplay.org.au

Twitter:   - Godly Play Foundation

  • Search facebook; Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA have pages or groups.

  • Also search for Montessori Christian Education

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