Giving back

10 reasons to support our stewardship campaign:

1. You consider Trinity your spiritual home.

2. You enjoy the powerful weekly sermons at Trinity.

3. You believe in giving back because you have received.

4. You support the Church’s outreach to the neediest.

5. You enjoy our rich and traditional worship music.

6. You trust us as stewards of your time, treasure and talent.

7. You value the sense of community with others.

8. You like a dose of flair with your tradition.

9. You encourage us to reach out to more individuals and families.

10. You want to make a difference.


Your Stewardship contributions are magnified by the efforts of volunteers who gave almost 9,000 hours last year in service of our church and community.  Find out more on our web site about the wonderful work your generosity and Stewardship has enabled.  Please consider giving your time too to one of these enjoyable and rewarding ways of reaching out to those in need, discovering companionship and spiritual growth on the way. 

  If our church is important to you, make a one-time donation, or support us with a monthly or yearly pledge.  Volunteer your time to help us do the work of ministry and spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your generosity in supporting our Stewardship Campaign keeps the doors of our sacred space open for worship and to help those in need.

 Our church gets the funds needed to keep the doors of our sacred space open for worship and to help those in need in these ways:
Plate collections:

The plate collection of the first week of the month goes towards the rector’s discretionary fund; it is used to help people in our congregation and wider community who face special adversity.  On special occasions, such as the bishop’s visit or St. Francis’ Day the collection is also earmarked for special purposes.



Through our Stewardship Campaign, pledges provide the majority of the church’s income.


Towards the end of the year church members reflect on what they were able to give in the current year and commit to give an amount for the upcoming year.  Often this is a percentage of income that feels right to the individual member.  Weekly, monthly or annual payments are made usually by check or by direct debit.  If someone’s circumstances change during the year, there is no issue with adjusting a pledge downwards or upwards.


Pledges are extremely important to our church.  They mean that we have an idea in advance of the year of how much income the church can expect to receive, and can plan accordingly, rather than waiting until the end of the year to see if we can meet our bills.


Lifetime gifts and gifts through wills:

These funds are applied to capital projects or invested to provide future income.


Planned Giving is a way to provide a legacy through the sale of stock, mutual funds, and bequests.  Please contact us or download the planned giving brochure for more information.

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If you would like Trinity church to be remembered in your will,  please download the Bequest Intention Letter below, complete it and return to Trinity.

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