Coffee Hour - far more than crumbs from the table


A wafer that sticks to the palate, and a sip of wine.  It is not the bread and wine, but the meaning behind the Eucharist and the spiritual experience it conveys that brings us back for more.


Coffee hour is no different.  We are fortunate in Trinity to have talented people who are inspired - called - to prepare and serve delicious meals and snacks that set Trinity apart from the vast majority of churches.  Coffee hour at Trinity is a unique ministry, which impresses upon newcomers and old timers through the effort put in by our hosts the warmth and friendship that we have to share. 

Without a priest there is no host, no Eucharist.  Without a host for coffee hour there is no sharing of mundane and not-so-mundane moments of fellowship that bring people together.  Therefore we are thankful for the energy that our many coffee hour hosts put into this ministry.


What is actually served is not however the point; What makes coffee hour sing is having an enjoyable time, extending joy to others, talking to them about them, learning the art of connection.  A plate of cookies can be the vehicle as much as a Mothers' Day luncheon. Consider coffee hour as the loaves and fishes moment of the week.  A simple offering multiplies to feed us in more ways than ever thought possible.


Anyone can host coffee hour, and it is up to you what to serve - it will be appreciated.  A family or several individuals usually share the load, and if you are unsure whether committing to be a host would be too much for you, offer to help out with serving and clearing up or to bring an item.  Speak to Margie Martin or any coffee hour host to find out more. Check the sign-up sheet in the parish hall for available dates.


We need you to help ensure that the uniqueness of Trinity coffee hour continues, but you need not worry that you will be asked to do more than you are prepared to commit to.  You can be sure that any amount of help will lessen the load and be appreciated.  You might even discover how fulfilling this kind of giving is!


Finally, if you do not usually come to coffee hour why not cap off your Sunday morning experience at church by joining us in the parish hall?

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