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On behalf of the Trinity Vestry and congregation, I welcome you to our web site and invite you to be part of our community.  This Episcopal parish has served the Mount Airy community since 1896.  The Episcopal Church in America belongs to the world-wide Anglican Communion of churches that began with the Church of England after the Reformation in the 1500’s.  There are Anglican/Episcopal churches in 165 countries, maintaining, as we believe, apostolic succession (an unbroken line of bishops) going all the way back to the first Apostles of Jesus Christ. 


One of the hallmarks of our tradition is called the via media, "the middle way."  We seek to worship and serve Christ by finding common ground and creative ideas among diverse groups, opinions, and approaches.  The three-fold authority of Scripture, Tradition and Reason forms our faith and guides our decisions as a church and form our vision of the future. While we revere our ancient Christian heritage, we seek always to remain open to the Holy Spirit's movement among us in our own day and time.


Trinity church employs a broad-church worship that retains our ancient prayers and ceremonies in a relaxed, joyful context. We seek to spread the good news of God’s reconciling love in Jesus Christ through our worship, study groups, common prayer, community involvement, and fellowship.  For us, outreach and evangelism are closely linked; we spread the Gospel by being examples of believers as we minister to others. 

At Trinity, we offer Christian education and spiritual formation for all ages .  The Trinity choir is talented, devoted and joyous.  The ECW (Episcopal Church Women) is a supportive and fun group actively involved in worship, hospitality and outreach.  Our Coffee Hour after the 10:30 service is a time to catch up with old friends and get to know new ones.  The Trinity Staples food panty is well established providing much-needed groceries to our community every week. Lyn's Medical Loan Closet offers medical equipment for people in the community without cost to them. Knitters gather for fellowship while making prayer shawls and prayer squares to comfort the sick and suffering in the Prayer Shawl ministry.  Sunday School (Adult and Godly Play for Children), Bible Study, Book Group provide opportunities to read, discuss, and ask questions.


If you are interested in joining Trinity or simply want information about our church, I would love to talk with you.  Please contact the church office at 336-786-6067 or info@trinitymtairyec.com.


May God’s peace and blessings be with you,




The Rev. Fred L. Horton, Ph. D., Interim Rector

Our Philosophy
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Our Rich History

Lawrence Fouchee London, The Episcopal Church in North Carolina (Raleigh: Diocese of NC, 1987), 57 summarizes as follows what little we know about Episcopal life in our area before the founding of Trinity Church: "The Bishop of London licensed the Reverend Hezekiah Ford on 29 September 1774. Having come to the colonies, he served St. Jude's Parish in Surry County for a short time." 


According to the parish history , the Old Lebanon Methodist Church served as the first meeting place for the earliest Episcopalians in Mount Airy. There Bishop Ives confirmed the sisters of a "Gen. Stewart of Patrick County." The Methodist and Presbyterian Churches of Mt. Airy continued to host us until we were able to construct our own house of worship. Trinity's first recorded baptism was of Lucy Wright on January 10, 1896.


Construction of Trinity Church began in the Spring of 1896, and the first service in our current building occurred in July of that year. The conscration of the church occurred on October 13, 1900 when it was dedicated to "...the Worship and Service of Almighty God, the administration of His Holy Sacraments, the Reading and Preaching of His Holy Word, and for the performance of All Holy Offices."

We added a parish hall to the original construction in 1954. Our small nave, Sunday school rooms, offices, and meeting hall are built into the slope of a hill from Main Street to Trinity Street below.

472 North Main Street | Mount Airy, NC | 27030 | Google Maps | (336) 786-6067